Introducing my "Aloha" Collection
and some humble art advice

It may seem a tad off season to be featuring a tropical-inspired collection in mid-October. But it was that time of year again to reassess old designs from the dusty archives in my hard drive. I do this for two reasons:

1. It gives me fresh perspective on my development as an artist.

2. For nostalgia. I love remembering the successes and challenges I faced while designing each project.

Critiquing your own work is a healthy practice for an artist. It's a highly personal experience that can shed light on techniques or processes that you want to keep, and ones to discard. You may pick up on habits you want to change (repetitive themes or colorways, unbalanced pattern selection, etc) which can greatly improve your design aesthetic.

Just remember to be gentle with yourself when you do this. Review your past work with an observant eye rather than a judgmental one. It's a common saying that artists are their own worst critics, and I've found this to be true time and time again. Take a nurturing approach to bettering your work. I promise you will emerge happier and more inspired for it.

This "Aloha" collection is an example of patterns I redesigned from its earlier 2015 version. The goal was to apply my patterns to product design concepts for nursery room decor and baby clothing. Below are the final results along with the previous collection for comparison (which had way too many colors to count, making the patterns impractical for printing).

My hope is that this post will share a deeper look into my art process and encourage other creatives to unearth their old portfolios and be proud of how far they've come.

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