Merry Elf-mas

Elves have been imagined in many different ways, but my favorite to date are still Santa's helpers — the creative force behind Christmas, all of them designers and visionaries eager to put their creations out into the world. I suppose you could say that I relate to them on an artistic level.

This Christmas, I've envisioned them with more of a modern twist. Each elf is outfitted in the latest North Pole fashions and is loosely based on my one-of-a-kind friends and family! I've also been lucky to attend several Christmas parties this year that offered us seasonal treats and to my absolute delight, a variety of festive holiday drinks (I'm a coffee/cocoa kinda gal). This, of course, was the key inspiration behind my beverage illustrations!

Which of my elves do you identify with the most, and which is your drink of choice? Let me know in the comments! (I'd be like the elf on the left cozied up in a warm knit hat with a delicious hot chocolate!)

(Photo credit: Peter Diaz)

1 comment:

  1. I love the elf on the left too- that's me in the winter, but with 3x the layers!! And I love mocha frapuccinos no matter what time of the year, but adding a candy cane to the mix around Christmas is fun too! Maybe this December we can throw a Christmas party if we don't do another Halloween one. I love so many of these Christmas wrappings papers- it's hard to pick a favorite!!