Happy (early) Halloween!

We are officially 1 day away from All Hallows Eve! I'm planning a fun night in on Tuesday with some spooky classics like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and "Hocus Pocus!" We don't normally get trick-or-treaters at the apartment, but I still wanted to get into the Halloween spirit so created some cute gift bags and stuffed them with treats for the 31st.

They're made from solid and metallic papers using scissors, an exacto blade, ribbon and a glue gun. I like to start my designs as illustrations on paper and trace them on a light box for the most accurate match to my original drawings. They make the perfect party favors for any Halloween festivities and are going to add a special touch to our not-so-scary flick night!

What are your favorite Halloween movies? I'm not usually one to stomach horror films, but I'm open to suggestions! Who knows...maybe this year I'll be feeling adventurous!

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  1. Not so scary Halloween movies are the best. But one day you may have to watch Blood Widow! Or at least a bunch of the behind the scenes videos I took- that's the movie we worked on after we got married with a bunch of friends from Full Sail (not a project for Full Sail). I understand if you want alone time bc I like doing stuff by myself often, but if Peter is busy and you want someone to sit next to while you watch the movies & eat the candy that nobody rings your doorbell for.. Let me know! ;)