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Hi there! I’m Jackie, and welcome to my little corner of paradise! This website is my main hub – a source for finding everything that’s inspiring me lately, updates on what’s been keeping me busy and random musings on art and my creative process.

I'd love to get to know each other and hear all about the projects you're working on! Feel free to visit my Contact page for my social media links and email. In the meantime, here are a few fun tidbits about me:

(See photo above - clockwise order)

1. A daily warm beverage (be it tea, coffee, or chai) is as essential to my creativity as my Wacom tablet and Adobe software (so much so, it even inspired my logo).

2. I am a “book-a-holic” and shameless YA novel enthusiast! If I’m not designing, I’m reading!

3. The first Disney film I ever saw was The Little Mermaid and it blew my three year-old mind! It not only confirmed my preschool resolve to be an artist, but also added renewed flair to my character drawings. I’ve been a designer ever since, and I’ve never looked back.

4. My grandpa was my best friend, confidant, and a wonderful encourager of my art. I always keep this picture in my workspace to remind me he’s still got my back.

5. While I work in a primarily digital format, I am still drawn to traditional art mediums. Colored pencils and acrylics are my favorites.

6. In the wizarding world, I'm a Ravenclaw, valuing intelligence, learning and creativity!

7. My passion for the creative arts extends not only to digital and traditional art mediums, but to textiles and fibers too. I’m an avid crafter and love to crochet, sew and design patterns for fun characters.

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