The Gentle Art of the
"Just Because" Card

(Above) These autumnal greeting cards were inspired by a woodland theme, utilizing jewel tone colors (a necessity this time of year) and vintage floral accents. I integrated some hand lettering and chose to design in a "cute" direction that fostered cozy feelings of hot cocoa, crackling fireplaces and curling up with a good book, or trending tv show, during the holidays!

I'm happy to say that I'm no stranger to the warm, cozy, "I'm so loved" feeling of receiving "just because" cards. Since elementary school, my mom has surprised me with many a letter to see me through life's tough spots, or help me celebrate my successes. In an age when e-mail and texting are our go-to's for daily communication, finding a special card in the mail is a rare treat and one to be cherished!

Perhaps it's the handwritten sentiments that give greeting cards their heartwarming touch. Or maybe it's the fact someone devoted time to choosing that particular illustration, or wording, to express themselves that makes stationery so sentimental.

When selecting cards, my mom and I could spend up to an hour in the card shop, taking the art of letter sending very seriously. It's our chance to really show and tell someone exactly how we're feeling and an opportunity to send a little joy their way.

Designing my own cards and stationery was a natural next step. I have, after all, felt first hand how an unexpected encouraging word can truly make a difference. It shows someone you care about that they are being remembered, not just on holidays and not just because of a Facebook reminder, but because they are special to you.

Though this week in the US has been designated the time of year to give thanks and show friends and family how much they mean to you, sending someone a quick note to say "Thank you," "You've got this," or "It's going to be okay" is something we can do any time of the year.

Life, of course, often gets in the way of these sentiments, and it's easy to assume that people already know how you feel. But everyone can use some loving confirmation once in a while. So pick up a pen and dust off your stamps. Lets make it a goal to send more "just because" cards out into the world this year and beyond.

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  1. I love this cozy hipster fox! Oh and be on the look out for your "just because" card coming from Michigan this week! :) :) :)