Pattern Design

Be it through the tote bag they carry, their office planner, a friendly card in the mail or the clothing they adorn themselves with, people surround themselves with patterns and products every day. Those items can greatly impact how we feel. They also communicate who we are, our values and our aesthetic to the world around us.

As a designer, I want to create things that inspire people to express themselves and to live more passionately. Below you will find examples of my surface design work.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is any way I can assist with your future projects.


"The Land of Sweets" Christmas pattern collection

"Thrive" pattern collection

"Spellbinding" pattern collection

"Aloha" pattern collection with baby clothes and nursery decor concepts

"Life is a Circus" pattern collection

Summer pattern collection "Pastel Delight"

Fairytale pattern collection "Alice"

Pattern designs for Tupperware lunch bags

Pattern designs for Tupperware product lines

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