Christmas Morning

Last night, we celebrated Christmas Eve with some of my mom's homemade sweets, Disney's Frozen and our classic Yamada hot chocolate tradition...and then, after the house grew dark and quiet, I stayed up for more hours than I thought I could physically manage.

The truth is, even as an adult, no matter how tired I actually am, I still get those Christmas Eve butterflies and my mind whirls with magical possibilities. Only now, my excitement is not necessarily for the arrival of Santa, but for Christmas morning when my loved ones will find what I've left them under the tree. This year amongst the boxes and bows is a custom-made holiday stocking I created for my mom using fabric I designed! I'm hoping she loves it as much as I loved making it.

Today is bound to be amazing and festive and filled with wonderful, quality family time. I hope you all have a lovely holiday! Happy Christmas!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you and your family! I love this arrangement of Christmas goodies and decorations- especially the snowflake lights! I hope your mom loved the stocking! Since we spent Christmas in the hospital this year, I told Michael that next year I want to have double/over the top Christmas for Emma's "first Christmas at home". But it was still a really good one this time!