My 2018 Phrase of the Year

I usually make it a habit around this time to choose a designated "word" on which to build my year. But for 2018, despite even breaking out my thesaurus, only this simple phrase would do: Keep Going!

Maintaining momentum is vital to growth, something I realized at the end of last year when I was trying to juggle, well, everything — from creating new artwork, a two week California vacation, all the usual holiday preparations and everything else in between. I may have looked frazzled and felt exhausted, but I sincerely loved every minute of it! Being so busy left me no time to worry, or get hung up on unnecessary doubt. It propelled me forward. It made me get things done! And I promised myself I would keep up that same vigor in 2018.

When we are striving to accomplish feats we've never done before, it's natural to get entangled in insecurity. We're trying to be brave and prove ourselves. But we're also bound to get "caught up" (especially in our own thoughts) once in a while...and when that happens, it may feel easiest to quit. Full stop. But I'm urging everyone, including you, including myself, to keep moving!

Stagnation is the death of progress. So when we're confronted, once again, by the mental quicksand that threatens to drag us under, we must seek out a branch that can pull us from the mud. For me, that's signing up for a design conference, planning a lunch with friends, brainstorming new ideas, or sometimes, it's taking intentional breaks from my computer to restore my focus.

The point is, no matter how you choose to do it, keep going! Nothing worthwhile is easy and it usually doesn't happen over night. But with persistence and enough gusto, the life you've been dreaming of can become more than a mere fantasy.

Lets make it happen!

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  1. You are a great writer! I love the positivity of this post & would love to plan a lunch (and walk) with you when we get back from Michigan in March! Keep Going is a great motto for Baby Emma as well. There are so many great things ahead of her- and all of us!!